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Abbie vom True Haus
CGC, BN, CD, FO, P1, PD1
AKC# DN41367004
OFA Good prelim
Date of birth: 11-23-2014
height 24 inches
weight 67 pounds
You can find information on Abbie's sire Olex, and dam Mi-Jose Cayenne (Cat)
on our pastdog page here
Abbie has a broad and powerful head with captivating expression.
Correct structure, good bone strength, fantastic muscle tone and strong body type built for performance.
Friendly and outgoing disposition showing great train-ability and has the genetic capability to learn quickly.
Superior bonding capability with the handler and naturally guide-able, follows the obedience commands willingly.
Perform obedience exercises with naturally good drive. Pronounced retrieving instinct and loves to play with a ball.
Barking is strong and consistent showing great intensity in the hold and bark exercise.
Full commitment at all times, demonstrating full and hard grips on the sleeve, out behavior is clean and crisp with tremendous guarding.
We feel Abbie has grown up to be exactly what we look for in our breeding females.

To watch a short video of Abbie's sit & down stay at 12 weeks of age  
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9-19-15 At just 10 months of age Abbie has earned her CGC title. She is still a very playful puppy, but kept her composure long enough to earn her title ;-)

10-4-15 Now just 11 months of age Abbie has earned two legs of her BN title. She has 1 more to go. She did a great job with a 190 1/2 points for her second leg.
We will have to wait for spring to finish as we now have to get ready for he FO in Dec.
12-4-15 Abbie earned her Family Obedience title with a very good score of 89.1.  
12-5-15 Abbie earned her Protection Dog 1 (P1) suit title with first place.
She once again is showing us what a great young dog she is by earning 85.3 obedience 89.9 in her protection routine on an Honor decoy,
and a field she has never preformed protection work on.  
& This is the re-friendly greeting the dog must preform right after doing all of the protection work.
If she were to bite the decoy firmley during this she would fail her title.  
4-29-16 Abbie earned her police Dog 1 (PD1) title with first place and a protection score of 91 points.
I was very pleased with how well she worked in protection after a very humbling obedience routing.
The wind was blowing and she is still very much a puppy at heart at just 18 months of age she took full advantage "puppy cuteness" ;-)  

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