German Shepherd Dog




since 1968

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This litter has been placed
Korklasse 1
OPO3 several times with excelent scores 100,96,94
(OPO is same as IPO)
see score book below
Competitor in the WUSV 2005
hips a fast normal, elbows 0/0,
Black Sable
SZ-Nr. 2096643
tattoo-Nr. S-B 6154
AKC # DN12581701
Date of birth 10-28-2001
call name "LEXIE"
Red Sable
AKC DN05165803
Chip-Nr. 089 277 282
Date of birth 6-11-2003
weight 68 puonds
height 25 inches
one week old

two weeks old

three weeks old

four weeks old

five weeks old

six weeks old

Semi Valley, Ca

March 5, 2007
Dear Jim and Cindy,
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how thrilled I am to have one the puppies from Tommy x Alexa litter. Richo is almost 6 months old, and has been a joy to have. He is a perfect fit into my family. His Schutzhund training to date is going very well, and his drives and focus are a testament to his breeding. Itís just an added bonus that heís such a handsome boy..! Thank you again for your guidance in choosing this wonderful dog for me. We hope to do you proud.   
Sandy Holt
Simi Valley, CA
We are very happy that Sandy and Richo have earned their SchH BH. Very nice job to both of you.
Shippman, Va
Hi Jim,
I'm excited about my new guy :-) Again, I have to state this ... that it takes a very special person/persons and breeders to do what you guys are doing for me, since this is not something that you had to do in any way replacing Nitro with another puppy. I'm very grateful to you both.:-)
Good Morning Cindy&Jim,
All I can say is ....."WOW" ! What an awesome puppy I received last night.
When we picked him up from his very long flight he was just as bold and playful coming out of that crate. Very happy, very beautiful, and very confident puppy!!

He rode in the front sit with us the 41/2 hours it took us to get home, just as if he did it everyday. We stopped a few times to let him out to do his business and each time he was just as confident as he was coming out of his crate in each different place we stopped.

Jim, the first words that my husband said to me when he first seen that puppy coming out of the crate was this.....Rhoda, I can't believe the quality of that puppy they sent you. That's one nice puppy you've got there. My reply was........ The pup came from Cindy and Jim Reeds, the breeder's from True Haus, that I got my Nitro from so I wasn't expecting any less then super. So I guess you know how impressed my husband was by him and how extremely pleased I am with our new boy...... and what a boy he is.:-)
I'll keep you up dated and in picture's as he grows and matures. He has very nice drives and good nerve I have to add as well.:-)
I took some picture's of him today so I'll send you some when I down load them. Again, thank you both so much for another "fantastic" boy.
Warm Regards,
Here are some pics of pup these are on the sleeve. Figured you might want to check them out. The lady from are club shoots these pics and e mails us them. This is only his second week on the sleeve. He is one awesome dog. He is very civil around people and other dogs of either sex. Which is truly outstanding. He also just turns on when he is on the field. Like he is not the same dog. I even walk off the field wondering were that came from. He is truly a awesome athlete. Take care keep up the good work on producing some awesome working dogs. It's truly an honor to own such a dog. I have been around the block on dogs its hard to find that one special dog.


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