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BH, ZVV1, IPO3, APr1, APr2, APr3,CD, GN, CDX, FO, P1(H), P1S(H), PD1, P2(H)
Korung done in Slovakia 5V5/55 this is the best rating a dog can get
hips a normal, elbows normal
Black Sable
SUNCHO# 62965/11
tattoo-Nr. S62965
AKC # DN42323301
Date of birth 1/20/2011
height 26 inches, weight 85 pounds
Strong black sable with massive head, outstanding expression with world-class performance abilities .
Great proportions, good top line, powerfully built front and correct angulation with firm back. Athletic and quick to do anything asked of him.
True working character with great desire to perform. Shows an excellent relationship with his handler in obedience with reliable fast reactions to the commands.
Steady and sure, impossible to find fault, always full of self-confidence with nerves of steel.
Shows impeccable manners inside and outside, loves children and has no interest in other dogs.
Totally non-threatening character unless challenged.
Back's sire is the well know:
No other dog has ever accomplished what he has - winning the German Championship, the 7 Laenderwettkampf three times,
and then reaching the pinnacle by winning the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 3 Times in a row.
This has never been done before, and will most likely not be done again anythime soon.
Bask was only here two months when he did his first SDA trail. We could not have been more pleased at how well he preformed.
He was "HIGH IN TRIAL" for both obedience and protection out of 15 dogs. He earned his Family Obedience (FO) title with 97.5 and first place.
The we went back and did his Protection 1 (P1H) title. He took first place with and obedience score of 92.3 and a protection score of 93.1 with honors.
He earned the (H) HONORS on his title because it was on a field he dose not train on and on an honor decoy the he has never worked. He is a pleasure to train with.
One week after Back trialed in SDA we went to an AKC trial. He earned his first two legs of his CD title, placing 3RD and then 2ND with a very nice 185.

Back and I went East to Pennsylvania to compete in the SDA Championship Trial 6-14-15. We also entered the True Haus Trial held their the day before. After 5 days on the road he jumped out of the trailer ready to work. He earned his Protection Dog 1 Sleeve with Honors scoring 92.5 points in his protection routing on an honor decoy that he has never worked. He also did great on his obedience with a sold 92 points. At the Championship he earned his Police Dog 1 title. Once again his obedience with solid 93 points. His protection was very good, but needing a couple of extra commands to convince him he needed out, reflected in his score. He still finished 4th out of 8 dogs in the PD1 division. We are very happy with him, he is a pleasure to work and have around.
Once agian Hight in trial in Protection earning his Protection Dog 2 with Honors P2(H) and a very good score of 93.8.
Also with a excelent obedience score of 95.5, he is always trying to please me.

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Back did a very nice job on his first leg for his Graduate Novice (GN) title, earning a score of 193 1/2 points and first place.
To watch a short video of Back's GN obedience  
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4-29-16 Back earned his Police Dog 2 (PD2) title with first place and High In Trial obedience, OB score of 94, protection score of 87.5.
He is always trying his best at what ever I ask him to do.  

3-25-17 Back earned his APr3 title at the Placer County Schutzhund Club trial. Thank you Micky for the great pictures.

10-21-17 Back took High in Trial obedience with 97 points. Great job, he we working on his P3S title but would not out off the decoy ;-)
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