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Mi-Jos Cayenne

This saying has been around forever. But it reminds me so very much of how Cat lives her life.
Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside,
thoroughly used up, totally worn out,
and loudly proclaiming...WOW...What a ride!!"

To watch a short video of Cat at 17 months of age  
Click here
This is Cat's sire and dam.

11-15-2008 Cat has now earned her schutzhund BH title.

5-09-2009 Cat has earned two new titles. Her FO and P1 with the SDA/UKC clubs.
The FO title has a practical portion where your dog has to be able to wait at a gate for you to open it.
They also have to load into a vehicle a down until called back out.
Click here to watch the car senario

Then after passing her FO title in 3rd place out of 25 dogs. She went on to do her P1, and also finished 1st for that title.

To watch a short video of Cat's protection one  
Click here


Cat has now earned her Police Dog 1 (PD1) Title. She did an excellent job with a high in trial protection score of 91 points.

To watch a short video of Cat's PD1 Police dog protection one 91 points  
Click here

Cat tried to earn her PD2 title. She passed the obedience portion earning her OB2. But the protection portion proved to be a bit out of reach at this trial.
But we are still very pleased with how well she did with all of the new training to get ready for this very hard title.
She had to learn muzzle work and a building search. She did very well with her search only loosing 6 points out of the 40 possible.


Police Dog 2 (PD2)

Cat and I have worked very hard with the help of Dennis, Danny and Brian to get ready to try her Police Dog 2 (PD2) title again.
She was just a few weeks off from weaning her February 28th litter. But she loves to work and has put all she has into the training.
She completed her title with very high scores 85.8 obedience, 92 field protection and 91 muzzle and building search.
This makes her the first female dog to achieve this title with SDA.
This title represents what a street police dog would have to do. It is not an easy title to achieve on a good day and this was a hot 93 day.
We could not be any prouder of her.
To see a video of Cat doing the obedience portion of the PD2 title go here video
To see a video of the protection field exercise portion of the PD2 title go here video
To see a video of the practical protection exercise portion of the PD2 title go here video

Cat has now added her Protection 2 Sleeve (P2S) title. She seemed to enjoy herself with this rutine, working always upbeat and happy.

Cat and I tried to do her Protection 3 Sleeve (P3) title but she decided biting was better then outing;-)
But she did an awesome job with her obedience and earned her OB3 title with first place.

Cat turned 8 this month, but she has not let that slow her down.
She has now added her Protection 3 Sleeve (P3S) Title to the long list of thing she has accomplished.
We have been very blessed to have had such a great dog in our kennel.

Zelda and Cat earned their Protection Dog 2 (P2) title. This was Zelda's first time to trial for a protection title.
She spent a few weeks with Cat learning the routine and how to handle.
Zelda did an awesome job of handling under the trial stress, and Cat was very happy to help her learn.;-)

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