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From: Cindi D Dunsmoor
To: Jim & Cindy Reed
Date: July 15, 1999
I can't thank both of you enough for all the time, training and especially the support you've given me as Jake and I were working toward and earning our CD title. All those sessions in the parking lots really paid off Cindy. This last year and a half has been work but it's been fun and worthwhile to have the kind of dog Jake has become. He's terrific with kids, adults and other dogs. He's obedient when he's supposed to be and yet still knows how to have fun. You make it easy for a novice like me to ask questions and even if the answers aren't always simple they make sense and work which is what matters. I never would have believed when we bought this puppy from you we would have made this much progress. We wanted an obedient house dog that would protect us and we have so much more in this hairy member of our family. I still look forward to class on Sundays and training for whatever comes next. Keep up the good work and you can use my name, and e-mail for references.

and e-mail address: Cindi & Jake
CINDI and JAKE have now finished their CD and SchH B title, and are working on their CDX and Schutzhund 1
5-5-00 Cindi and Jake just passed thier SchH1 title, CONGRATULATIONS for a job will done.......6-18-00 also their on to Utility...good luck

To: Jim & Cindy
Date: 9-25-99

 It's been almost a year since I bought Onna from Jim & Cindy. Onna is a super 16mth old puppy ... smart, fast learning (and forgiving with her inexperienced handler), listens well, and has lots of energy, a high prey drive and a strong bite. Friends are amazed that Onna can be so friendly & calm, yet when in protection work she switches into a high-energy, focussed working dog. Jim & Cindy are conscientious dog breeders .. they put a tremendous amount of effort into breeding sound versatile well balanced german shepherds, and their committment extends way beyond the sale date. This summer Jim & Cindy accomodated Onna & myself with an incedible 10 day high-intensity dog training session ... it was fanstastic! With Onna, the focus was primarily protection work, plus some obiedence and tracking. Onna did great!... she went from a puppy tug, to taking a bite on an adult sleeve in 5 days! Not having a trainer to work with back  in Vermont and lacking any experience myself in Schutzhund or Protection training, Jim & Cindy spent long endless hours explaining to me, cramming in as much information as possible in 10 days, on how to continue Onna's training ... I gained a wealth of knowledge. It was excellent!- the ultimate training for my puppy and myself!. Jim & Cindy inviting me in to their home for 10 days, disrupting their daily life, to spend all their available time on Onna & myself  in a concentrated training effort, says a tremendous amount about them ... Jim & Cindy are honest dedicated breeders, committed to the well-being of their dogs and the satisfaction of new dog owners, caring knowledgeable trainers, willing to answer any questions, help in any way they can ... they are good people and real good friends. I'm happy to chat with anyone regarding my experience buying a puppy from True Haus Kennels.
(Sarah ... Phone# 802-373-1917)
I'm writing with a very sad heart our precious little girl Onna, my best friend and dearest companion for the past 11 yrs, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last Tuesday (10/27/09).

From:Mary and MIKE
To: Jim & Cindy
Date: 6-20-00
Hi Cindy and Jim,
I'm glad you got the photos and you liked them!! I especially love the one of Brice focusing on his kong. He is such a focused dog!!! It's absolutely amazing.
 Anyway, we are working our way through obedience school and I am going to try and find some local dog shows so I can get his CD -- at least. One thing at a time!
He's been so darn good these days that he is now going everywhere with me. As long as he doesn't have to stay in the car for very long, (the temp is rising here!) we go on outings. He spent all day at the park with Michelle, me and five other little kids and their mom last week! Then he got to go to Michelle's friend's house to play!!! Today we went on a hike toa waterfall and then to the beach. The other day we went to Michelle's friend's alpaca ranch on the Coast! Way cool!
Take care.
Date: 2-16-01
 Cindy & Jim
Here is a more recent picture of Jaycee. I am working her towanrds her B and Sch 1, both of which I want to accomplish this year. She is doing great. I had been training every weekend till the weather got so bad. I am planning on starting again as soon as it gets better...
KIM and Jaycee

 ps I ended up keeping a pup from her and my male. His name is Angus and he is 14 months now. He is a really nice dog. I have just started him on protection and obedience.. He also tracks great.. Jaycee is a great tracker too. She seems to enjoy it. I will try to send a picture of him to you also..
Hi Jim,
Here are a few pictures of Jaycee, she is doing great. He is doing her "B" at the end of this month. Then will shoot for her Sch 1. Hope all is well with you both.

From: Donna
To: Jim & Cindy
Date: 6-20-00

LEXIE NOW HAS HER SchH B......7-28-01
It's easy to speak well of a breeder shortly after bringing your puppy home, when you are full of enthusiasm for the new addition to your family. But the true test of a breeder comes when something goes wrong, and I can say from experience that the Reeds stand behind their dogs in good times and bad.

Shortly after bringing Lexie home to San Francisco she developed a series of gastrointestinal problems -- the city can be hard on a puppy. Throughout this period the Reeds were always there, providing support and expert advice. And when Lexie was diagnosed with mild dysplasia at one year of age, Jim and Cindy mobilized to provide as much information as possible about my options. They had their own vet review the x-rays and they discussed the diagnosis directly with OFA veterinarian. They never stop caring about a puppy that was once theirs. (I'm happy to report that Lexie's hip problems appear to be minor.) This was a preliminary report and OFA will not make a finale evaluation until Lexis is 24 month of age.

Jim and Cindy say they breed for intelligence, temperament, and drive, and I can attest to their success. Lexie learns with astonishing ease, and her temperament is so stable that I can trust her anywhere in San Francisco, under any circumstance. She was evaluated for Schutzhund potential by one of the leading trainers in the world, and he described her as "one of the best" he'd ever seen. And while she exhibits tremendous drive outdoors, she is so well behaved in my top-floor apartment that the neighbors permit her in their homes.

The Reeds still take an active interest in Lexie. They still answer my questions, still provide advice, still email to see how Lexie is doing. In sum, Cindy and Jim are the best, and so are their puppies. I wouldn't consider another breeder. Feel free to email me if I can provide additional information.
Donna Reynolds

From: Mary
To: Jim & Cindy
Date: 2-5-01
Hi Cindy,
Here is the new testimonial for your web page. :0)
Jordan has been my dog since he was 7 weeks old. He is now 17 months. Jordan and I are preparing for his Schutzhund B exam in March. After March, we will work on his companion dog title (AKC CD). Jordan is my first German Shepherd Dog. His temperament is impeccable. He is very bonded to me and my family. He adjusts quickly to different situations. Since November, Jordan has shown his high tolerance for pain he inherited through his bloodlines. Jordan fractured 10 teeth in an accident and to date has had 9 root canals done at UC Davis. Not once has he growled, snapped, or been testy during these painful periods with me, my family, or the vets who have examined him. He has continued to be his happy self complete with a sense of humor.  During play time and training sessions, Jordan intelligence shows through. He is quick to learn new commands and looks forward to his training sessions with me. Jim and Cindy Reed continue to be supportive of Jordan and myself. They both guide me to becoming a better handler for my dog and are always available to answer questions though email, by phone, or at their home. I look forward every day to spending time with my German Shepherd Dog from True Haus Kennels.
Jordan has now earned his CD! good job 3-21-02 
Date: 8-11-01
 Hi Everybody,
We've been away on vacation but now that I'm back I will tell you all the news. Dante finished up his advanced training last week. It consisted of on-lead, off-lead, hand signals, etc. Anyway, at the end of the class they hold these 'mock police trials'. They bring in Orange County sheriff K9 officers to be the judges. Guess who took the first place trophy? Top Dog? My boy Dante!!!! We were soooooo proud of him. He beat out the second place dog (a beautiful rottie) by one point!!!! Next, we start protection--but we're waiting till Sept. It's too hot right now and the dogs need a break. Last week it was 100 degrees every day! Well, gotta run.
Cathy & Dante
From: Nancy
To: Jim & Cindy
Date: 3-25-02
Hi Cindy and Jim,
Attached are pictures taken last weekend of Bowdrie with his trainer, Jeremy, who is teaching Bowdrie to climb a ladder. As you can see from the pictures this is something Bowdrie likes to do and he looks real proud at top. He is learning to place his back back feet. His agility is fantastic. He is also coming also on doing search problems working toward a FEMA disaster dog certification. His bark alert is real strong and he is working longer search problems and is very motivated. He has a strong play drive and loves his kong and pull toy. At home he gets along well with our cat, and he plays toug with our young Springer Spaniel. He is outstanding with people and every day goes to the office with me and rides the elevator in the office building. Summers he swims in the lake in Montana and climbs the fire ladder to the second floor of our cabin.
He is just a wonderful dog and very healthy.
Will send more pictures later.
December 6, 2002
 Hi Jim & Cindy,
Bo is doing great. We are working toward taking the FEMA Level II disaster dog test. Attached are pictures on Bo barking at victim hidden inside bark box. He now barks for 30 seconds. Also are pictures of Bo climbing a ladder which he will need to do on the agility part of the test. What a great dog. He is very healthy and able to do all the agility. I am so glad a got Bo from True Haus kennel.
Thanks again
Kato & Ira pup
 Hello Cindy & Jim,
I thought you would be interested in how your pup Xena (Brandy) is doing. As a breeder you might like to hear about her characteristics as I am sure there is some diversity among your litters. I reported on her about 1.5 years ago but now she is mature. Laura who taught a class of dogs told us after experiencing this highly enthusiastic and irrepressible pup during training, ----"just wait--many good things are going to happen" and she was so right. Xena is quite large for a female (95 lbs) ,and as you can see she is not fat. She needs lots of exercise and loves running. She is my constant companion and is by far the smartest and most obedient dog I have ever had (95%) of the time). She is everything anybody could want as a family dog. She loves grandchildren, likes to play, and is very gentle, never growling or showing temper towards humans. She is good around other dogs when taken to a dog park for exercise and fun. She does not bark much and is not a great watch dog. However, the latter is because of her training with us. My wife sings and there are various groups going in and out of our house and Xena tends to think of them all as an extended family, particularly my friends that accommodate her by throwing one of many tennis balls which she loves to retrieve. She thus is happy to see our friends and never knows when a ball thrower will come. However, she has spirit and does not always think I know what is best. She is not a "passive" dog. I cannot keep her from chasing a deer if she spots it first. If somebody walks their dog down our private road and she sees them before I do, she springs into actions and puts on a great act of intimidation, but never bites. I hope she stays that way. "Most" people understand but not all.
Intelligence: I as well as friends are constantly amazed with her intelligence and willingness to please. Maybe it is because I have never had such a well bred dog before with ancestors chosen for high intelligence and other desirable characteristics. She knows all of the basic commands. However, I seldom use them and tend to talk to her as if she is a human. It is almost like she understands many English words. Examples: if I am going out the gate and she pushes ahead of me--I just say back, back, back and she backs away from the gate. In running loose I say no Xena, not that way but this way, and she immediately puts on the brakes and moves where I wave. If I am out on the street and say calmly --it is time to go into the house-=-- she immediately heads for the door. Even at night while watching TV I can say "OK Xena" why lying on the couch--- "it is time to go to bed" without looking at her or making an obvious movement. She always jumps up and heads for the door. I thought maybe I was making a sign but she seems to have a reasonable vocabulary. If I want her to sit I can just point down. Well, anyway as you see, she is absolutely delightful and great to have. Keep up the good work.
Milt Schroth

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