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March 6, 2003
Taggert & Xina pup in Trumbull, CT.
Hi Jim and Cindy,
I am sending you some pictures. Onna at 9 weeks and at about 9 mo.
Kathy Schwarz
May 24, 2002
Taggert & Xina pup in Washington
new picture 9-23-02
 Dear Jim & Cindy,
I wanted to take the time to let you know about our little female we purchased from you out of Taggert & Xina. I must say she is a serious highly driven pup. Ina is always ready to go and fears nothing not even the dreaded vacuum cleaner. Heather and I bought a pool for her so she has a place to play in. She loves water and demonstrates this when she splashes it all over herself dipping her entire body in the pool. When I called you about the Taggert & Xina litter I asked for a dog that was serious and could handle the work and competitive nature of myself. Well you sold me a serious well balanced dog that at no time shows a negative side. I took her to training with Wayne Curry and Dieter Traeger (SV judge, German Customs officer and BSP participant several times over) Dieter said "the breeder will regret selling that pup she has everything I dream about in a dog" he then tried to convince me in letting him have her of course I said NO. I have been thinking about buying Ina's sister for myself that's why I didn't tell Dieter about her. I loved the breeding so much that Heather and I have said if Taggert and Xina where breed again we would buy another pup. I talked with you just several days ago I told you about Ina being injured, well she just has a bruise on her tendon where Niko stepped on her (also her hips and elbows are excellent right now in the x-rays) She is healing at a phenomenal rate (also has an extremely high pain tolerance) but I am taking the longest time for her to get the rest she deserves. I have been afforded the opportunity (taking under the wing per say) with Wayne Curry to learn every aspect of Schutzhund at all levels. Wayne is working with me one on one at no cost in training instead of a group setting. Wayne and I are planning to start training Ina in a year let her be a puppy and play, play, play. I hope one day you can watch Ina and I score in the high 290's for her Sch 3. If she doesn't score that high then I failed her some where along the line. For Cindy sorry about the delay in more puppy pictures we have them just not developed I will get on the ball and get it done. Thankyou once again for being a tremendous steward for the breed and allowing people access to superior quality dogs at a more than reasonable price. You are keeping the breed what it was meant for.
Scott & Heather Schnider
e-mail address: Scott & Heather
For an update on Ina   CLICK HERE
July14, 2002
Taggert & Xina pup in West Virgina
Hi, just wanted to give you an update on Roxie. She is gaining waight and looks real good. She has adjusted to our home and is fitting in real nice. She is using her crate at times for sleeping even during the day! We only put her in it at night or when we leave the house. She has been asking to go out to do her business and we have not had an "accident" in the house for at least three weeks now. We have decided not to breed her and there for she is going to be spayed in a few days. Once she recovers from her surgery she will start her obediance training. The club I am going to be taking her to for training has people who volunteer their dogs for search and rescue when the need arrises and so Roxie is going to be trained in that field along with myself as I do not want anyone handling her but me.
She is a wonderfull dog and I can't tell you how much she is loved here! Again, thank you so much for her, she is a member of our family now and she just adores our son,again, thanks so much. ARH
(P.S. there is even progress with the cat, they were in the same room together today!)
For an update on Roxie   CLICK HERE
August, 2002
Taggert & Xina pup in Oregon
hello Jim & Cindy
How are you and the dogs doing? Fine we hope it looks like you had two exelent breedings. Realy like the lines on Felia and with Taggart. Those pups WOW. Here is a update: Zairen did realy well in the cluster shows for A.K.C he now has seven wins five reserves. That was out of nine over all shows. His age at this time is between 6 to 8 months. Madchen still only has her National for I.A.B.C.A she is going to the Washington show she will be staying in comformation for I.A.B.C.A and into agility she goes. Zairen is doing both I.A.B.C.A and A.K.C so hope fully he gose all the way he likes to be shown and with Amy and Mike handleing him he should rack up the points he is having a lot of fun and so is Mike.
will talk to you later
e-mail address:  THE DUGAS'S
For an update on Zairen and new picture   CLICK HERE
August, 2002
Taggert & Xina pup in Magalia, Ca
Dear Jim and Cindy
We came to you after losing our beloved Rommel. We where hoping to get a puppy to raise for protection. We never in our wildest dreams thought we could ever care so deeply for another dog again. During the choosing process Haus picked Jilli every time we came out he came to her. I was leaning towards one of the other males but Jilli had to have Haus. They have bonded beyond words. He never takes his eyes off her. His desire to please her is priceless! He is usually very serious, but this summer while we where on vacation he loved the beach and playing keep away with Jilli. He has been very happy and healthy and eager to learn. Thank you so much for all your help. We all love coming out on Sundays to learn. We almost bought a Dog from Florida and IM SOOO happy we found you guys. You are both so dedicated and loyal to the breed and its evident you are very good at what you do. It amazes me how willing you are to share your knowledge
Thank you The Porter family and Ungar vom True Haus
e-mail address:  The Porter family

June 2, 2002
Kato & Xina pup
Valentine, Nebraska
Eiko was 9 months old when these pictures were taken

Chris and Eiko working in Nebraska. Eiko now 15 months.

August 12, 2001
Jake & Xina pup in Marysville,Ca
picture taken 2-25-04
 Dear Cindy and James,
Although you get to see Ozzy about once a month, I wanted to share with your potential buyers what a wonderful pup he is. Yes he is eating anything and everything; I look on that as a very healthy pup, unlike my wife who doesn't appreciate her flowers being eaten. As time goes on Ozzy seems to like his food more and less of anything else. Ozzy has a heck of a personality. He likes to be the one getting the attention, is fantastic with children, even strange children. For a go full bore full of energy never get tired pup, he some how knows to be gentle with kids. It is a different story with the adults; he is suspicious with all adults and gives them the tuff bark, even though I think he would still just lick them if someone took a chance to get close. (At least now) But you see that is the great thing; he just does and is what he should be naturally, the best-bred shepherd you can have. He is always wanting to be with us, protect us, and have his eye on us, yet he does it with out you noticing.
Now, I must say a few things about the owners of True Haus Kennels. Cindy and James are there to answer your questions any time you need. They love the dogs and want to see every pup they place be taken care of. They know their stuff and anyone that has a open mind and is willing to learn from them will learn how to handle their dogs the proper way. Every dealing I have had with them they have proven to do business with honor and integrity. One more thing, for those that purchase a pup that don't live by them, you miss the most, they are fun to hang with and like to have fun as they teach. If anyone would like to drop a note regarding anything to do with True Haus, do so at  email and I will be more than happy to respond.
Ron French

June 12,2001
Jake & Xina pup in Virgina
 Hi Jim And Cindy
I hope you both are well. I just wanted to let you know how well Sasha is doing. Sahsha has completed puppy socialization and will be going to obedience in July. She knows plotz, sitz, heir, and is learning blibe. She is not 100% in these commands; we must practice more with distractions. A couple of pictures from our last day of class, where they set up some agility  equipment. During our class we would lead the dogs through parts of a course. She is growing into a beautiful dog with a great temperament. I can take her anywhere and she is confident and friendly. Thank you for such a wonderful dog, Sasha is everything I could ask for in a dog.
Yours truly,
email   Jacki

May 4, 2001
Jake & Xina pup
 Hi Cindy and Jim,
How are you, and the rest of the dogs doing?
Loki is now 4 1/2 months old and he's doing very well. He knows the sit, stay, come, heal command and he walks very well on a leash. Although he doesn't perform them 100% of the time, we try to reinforce the training daily. Loki also gets along very well with other dogs (big and small), and with people (kids and adults). He barks at strange noise in the house but never really showed any kind of aggression. I'd like to try to get some titles for Loki (as he's very smart), which one do you think we can start training with and what does it take?
Attached are some pictures of Loki taken yesterday.
(Please also forward to Jake's mother)
Justin and Susan

Update on Loki, new picture taken on 8-1-2005. He is great and haveing lost of fun with the family.

Jake & Xina pup
Hi Cindy,
It was only 6 months ago when I saw all these little ones. They are all now 50-60 pounds big puppies... I am still glad I got Keiko from you. He is very sweet and very smart and he has no trouble with kids at all. I am looking forward to spend more time with him out doors. Hopefully, Justin and I will find a place to formally train them soon. We are still thinking of coming up to your place one weekend for the training. Once we settle down on a date, we will contact. Sincerely,
This picture taken of Keiko 9-28-2002
January 2, 2003
Jake & Xina pup
San Jose, Ca

Dear Cindy and Jim:
Keana turned two on 12/15/02, and we are happy to inform you that she is the "perfect" GSD. Keana is pretty and intelligent, but we are also impressed that she has sound temperament. We believe that temperament is of vital importance in a dog, especially if the dog has to live in a city congested with people and diversity. Keana has proven herself to be stable around people but still maintains an aloofness and can hold out on her own. She is great with family and friends but cautious of strangers and shows her protective nature when the need arises. People compliment us of her good looks and manners. It is a delight to take her out places. She camps, swims in the pool and the Delta during the summers, but we are also proud that we can take her to stay in beach front hotels in the Monterey area without problems. She is a great addition to our family and loves our doxie. Keana is obedient, intelligent and well mannered, focused with determination to get her job done whether playing at the park, participating in obedience classes, protecting her home or just hanging out and having fun. To us and the people she meets, Keana has proven her intelligence and has passed the testing of perfect temperament. She can be titled if we chose to, but we live in Silicon Valley, and time is a key element in extensive training. She has done her obedience training and we have not decided whether to take her for Agility or Tracking classes.
Again, thank you for a beautiful, intelligent dog that has great temperament. Her mother, Xina and sire, Jake had produced wonderful, intelligent and great temperament puppies. We live in a society in which responsible breeders such as the Reeds are in great demand. They care about their shepherds and respond to emails and calls promptly. We are very happy and satisfied with Keana. She is a great watchdog and companion. She responds so well to us and is a joy to have. People stop us on our walks and inquire about her pedigree and the breeders' name. We gladly inform them of Truehaus Kennels and your website.
Please feel free to ive our names for reference or we can be reached at our email address:   McKinney
Best regards,
The McKinney Family
For an update on Keana 4-15-2004   CLICK HERE
May 19, 2002
Cliff & Xina pup
I have been training him find find narcotics and he is now proofed on marijuana. I have also been working on handler protection with him and some tracking.

 Dec. 2000
I know it has been a while since we last e-mailed you and I thought we would update you on how Kai has been handling the holidays and winter weather. He loves the snow!! He wants to go outside every 10 minutes so he can nose around in it and hop over the drifts. He went to Thanksgiving dinner at Brad's parents with us and he was a hit with everyone-especially the nine month old baby who loved to throw the ball for Kai. He was very gentle around the baby which surprised me because he has never before been around such a young child. He is repeatedly after his Christmas socking which is hung on the wall and can't wait to rip open the paper on the presents under the tree. He has already tried to open a few. We are working on training still and we have ordered videos from Leerburg which are very informative. Our only problem is we have no one to act as our helper because the Shutzhund Club of Iowa has more or less disbanded. The trainer did give us a name of a guy locally who is very interested in training but we haven't called him yet. We figure we will wait until the holidays are over. When Kai was evaluated by the trainer in the club he said he had never seen a dog with so much energy and drive to learn. I could have told him that! Kai is now trying to figure out how to open doors using the doorknob. He nudges it with his nose... he knows the doorknob is the key to get through the door he just hasn't quite got the "turning" part down yet. We have his x-rays but I have repeatedly forgotten them when I went to the mail box. I swear I will get them out this week!!! The vet said his hips are excellent! I have attached (I hope) a picture of Kai in the first real snow of the winter. As you can see he loves to nose around in it!
Brad, Dawn & Kai

August 16, 2000
Cliff & Xina pup

 James & Cindy,
I hope all is going well for you.
Trina is doing great. We have continued to bring her out as much as possible. She is very outgoing and does great around strangers. We had her tattooed on Sunday. The lady who did the tattoo (USA club) commented how nice and outgoing Trina was. Moments after the tattoo was done, Trina came right back to the tattoer, showing no fear.
She is looking REALLY dark. Loretta and I love the rich dark colors she is taking on.
God Bless you,
Ernie Villarreal
10-4-00 Here are some updates of Trina at 21 weeks old. She is doing great. I measured and weighed her last night. She is 22 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs 56 pounds. She is the most solid built dog we have ever had. Ernie V

July 17, 2000
Dear Jim and Cindy
Cliff & Xina pup

Tina III is such a joy. She was an offspring of Cliff and your Xina that you imported from Berlin in welp. As you know from our conversations, I was seeking a replacement for my late faithful companion Tina II who passed on near the age of 12 years. When I "lost" Tina II, I had several wonderful folks helping me seek a "replacement." One fellow animal lover happened to hear of a newborn shepherd/chow mix puppy that was saved by another animal lover. An entire liter was just discarded alongside a road about 30 miles from my location. Barely weaned from his mother, this bedraggled puppy amazingly survived the dangers of wildlife in the foothills of the Sierra, hence the name "Tuffy." I took him in and brought him home. The first thing he did was "christen" my van on the way home. But I got even --- Ha! --- I had him neutered. (Hurts me to even think about it.) However, my love for the German Shepherd breed, and finding a replacement for Tina II, was foremost in my mind. I decided to keep Tuffy but still look for "another Tina." I continued my search for the GSD breed, which I found to be highly intelligent over many decades of experience with these dogs. They are faithful companions, calm yet always alert and protective without fear, and other attributes too numerous to mention. They will literally lay down their lives to protect you. After many contacts, my search for "the right GSD" eventually led me to True Haus Kennels where I met Cindy in person and Jim over the telephone. (I am still looking forward to meeting Jim in person, but our schedules never seemed to coincide. So beware Jim, some day I will catch you at a less busy time.) When I learned that Xina had just been imported from Berlin in welp, I asked to be put on Cindy's and Jim's list of prospective new owners for one of Xina's puppies. I was truly impressed with the spacious, well organized, clean kennels at True Haus. I knew at first glance that this was not just another "puppy mill." You could see immediately that Cindy and Jim Reed were committed to and loved their dogs. They were truly dedicated to raising and training healthy animals before all other considerations. I knew I found the "right place." After Xina's litter arrived, Cindy kept me up-to-date on Tina's progress from age 2 days to "pickup time" through emails. I in turn made several trips to True Haus Kennels during the litter's suckling period at the most inconvenient hours such as 7 AM. Cindy's commitment to her animals was never more apparent than at that early hour, but Cindy was always cheerful and gracious, when other people would have complained loudly and shown me the gate. I do have one "protest" however, because the Reed's unknowingly put me to work! The beautiful pool at True Haus Kennels where their dogs enjoy frolicking in the water, makes it imperative that I construct a permanent pool for Tina III. I had to purchase a temporary plastic pool for her. She shows no fear of water, and does not hesitate to get right in and dip her muzzle right up to her ears. I have to laugh at her antics as she blows bubbles all the way down. (I'm really not complaining Cindy.) ;>) Getting back to the GSD breed, I do not hesitate to recommend this breed to anyone seeking a working dog that will instantly bond and become a trusted family member. They learn quickly. For example. When I have a treat in my hands, all I need to say is "go to your house," and Tina, from any distance, goes running into her doghouse eagerly awaiting her treat. That took all of two tries for her to learn that command, while Tuffy is still trying to figure out what I am saying. I am looking forward to the day when I can get Tina III to respond with her version of "uh-huh" as Tina II "voiced" when I offered her a particularly special treat. We had a special game where I would hide her "special treat dish." Later, when I said "bring dish," she would hunt all over for the dish and rush it to me with tail wagging wildly in anticipation of her treat. I would tell her "lay down pad" and she would run to her carpet scrap and wait for me to fill the dish. Then when asked "want treat" she would give a two-toned sound that sounded just like "uh huh." I mention this because it shows the intelligence of this breed. At eight weeks Tina III has already learned to "sit and stay" while a bowl of food was placed before her and Tuffy, a real tough test for a hungry puppy who is all stomach at this stage in life. She catches on quickly and you can almost "see her thinking" while she looks at you with those bright eyes and tilted head, listening to you intently. More proof that the GSD breed has an ingrained desire to please its owner. Grooming was also a snap. Tina just loves to be brushed and comes running when I get the gear. She is also becoming accustomed to having her teeth brushed every other day. Although several months older, Tuffy is actually learning by watching Tina, which I did not expect. Tina is already "leap-years" ahead of Tuffy. This is additional confirmation about the intelligence of well-bred GSD's that True Haus Kennels is committed to raising. I do not hesitate to recommend these "gentle giants" raised by Cindy and Jim to anyone. For unsurpassed quality, honesty, integrity, and straight-forward answers to your questions, you would be hard-pressed to find nicer and more committed people than Cindy and Jim, and I thank them for that. They take care of "their babies" from birth until they face the tough task of turning over the puppies to their new owners. They get them off to a good start right down to providing all the necessary shots to keep them healthy and disease free. It is this dedicated and unselfish attitude that makes the Reed's stand out among breeders. While Tina II will always live in my heart, I am confident that Tina III is showing the same qualities that made Tina II so special. I attribute that to a well bred GSD line from a dedicated kennel that "puppy mills" will never match. Thanks Cindy and Jim for "growing" Tina III for me. In closing, I invite all owners with puppies out of Cliff and Xina, who is True Haus Kennel's "New Girl In Town," and other GSD owners, to email and share pictures and experiences about this wonderful breed with all of us collectively. Maybe we can talk Cindy and Jim into opening a Q&A folder on their web site for contributions from all of us covering a wide range of subjects concerning this very special and distinguished breed of dogs. We're all related now you know!

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