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This litter has been placed

Korklasse 1
OPO3 several times with excelent scores 100,96,94
(OPO is same as IPO)
see score book below
Competitor in the WUSV 2005
hips a fast normal, elbows 0/0,
Black Sable
SZ-Nr. 2096643
tattoo-Nr. S-B 6154
AKC # DN12581701
Date of birth 10-28-2001
SchH BH, CD, FO, P1
Black and Tan
SZ-Nr. 2148155
AKC# 12787101
AKC DNA V536316
Tattoo-Nr.P-M 5381
hips a normal, elbows normal
ZW: 80
Date of birth 7/22/2004
height 24 inches
weight 65 pounds
Gitta has very good proportions, angulation and strong movement. Rock-solid temperament, loads of character with great expression. She is easy to be with and trustworthy in every situation. Well socialized, self-confident and friendly. Naturally guideable and responds quickly and reliably to the obedience commands. Aggressive barking in protection work with full commitment to the fight.
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Redding, Ca

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Placerville, Ca

Good Morning
Just thought I would send a couple of pics of Gabel. I had to work for a couple of hours Monday so took him with me. I let him pick out the toy he wanted. This morning he walked on a small pile of lumber and on an open x-pen laid on the ground. Neither one was a big deal to him - so brave. He likes to go out and play in the kennel and will actually initiate going there when I take him outside. Want to keep it fun since it will be his home when he's a little older. He loves Eli's kuranda bed that's in the kennel and carries (drags) his toys up on it to play. Guess I'll be getting him one of his own soon. He has had no accidents in his crate, even over night which really surprises me for his age but as soon as I take him out he pottys so he's doing great in his house training. Sleeps all night with very brief fussy periods. Protests going in his crate but settles pretty quickly. Today will be a nail trim.
Have a great day
Davis, Ca

So yesterday we took Travis to the UC Davis annual Picnic Day to get him accustomed to large crowds, noise, bands, etc. He did GREAT! He was very alert, very un-afraid, and very well behaved! He was exhausted though by the end of the day. He was absolutely adorable to everyone who stopped and wanted to pet him--and he had probably 50 people stop us to ask about him, including two UC police canine handlers who came over to ask where he came from. :) They are looking for a new pup for their program at UCSF. I told them about you, and gave them your website/kennel name. He was such a good boy! He was even nominated for the "Cutest Dog at Picnic Day"!! He had his photo taken for the occasion!!
Anyway, he was terrific and you should be very proud!!
new picture 4-2012

Hi Cindy and Jim!
Today is Travis's third birthday,
and so we wanted to say THANK YOU for our great dog.
He is everything we could ask for, and more.
He is huge (remember he was the biggest of the litter!), loving, and just perfect.
You would be extremely proud of his behavior, and he is the best ambassador for not only the GSD breed,
but also your kennel. People ask us all the time where we got him, and we happily give them your information.
I wish you all the best in the holiday season, and hope our paths cross again someday.
Best wishes to you all,
Melanie and Fred Schipke

Hi jim & cindy
Want to give you a update on ulysses from Tom & Gitta. We joined Montetey bay shutzhund club about a month ago, and everybody loves him, they keep asking were I purchased him. They say he has very good prey drive and is so focused so young, that I'm not going to have to worry about him excelling in the sport. They started him on tracking and is doing real good. I'll send you some pictures of him working on the field.
Everybody was suprised that your kennel offers money back for titles.
Just giving you updated pics of Ulysses, so far he's been a great pup very obedient, focused, and his temperament is the best. All I can say is I'm in love with this dog. He's doing very well in his shutzhund training, its really hard to get pics, but ill try my best to get some to you guys. On Thursday I took him in to get a prelimary X-ray done on his hips. His hips are in excellent shape vet said there were nice and tight.

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