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Remmie vom True Haus
SchH BH, CGC, BN, CD, FO, P1S, P1(H), PD1, PA, OB2, P2S, P2
AKC # DN36972707
OFA Good
Date of birth: 6-17-2013
Weight: 68 pounds, Height 24 inches  
You can find information on Remmie's sire Trigger on this page page here
You can find information on Cat, Remmie's dam on this page  here
We try to raise a puppy for several months from our litters.
This helps with our breeding program for us to see how our puppies are growing and how thier temperment is.
4-6 weeks old

11 weeks old




Here is a couple of short videos at 6 months of age  
ball play click here
Obedience click here
protction click here

Remmie starting her blinds and protection work
Here is a short video at 8 months of age 2-16-2014  protection click here




click here for video of Remmie's protection work 13 months of age
Remmie earned her first protection title (P1S) with second place. She did an excellent job.
It was not the fun we had planed as the rain was coming down on us. But she is always up for anything I want to try, so we made the best of it.
Not one of our better picture days though ;-).
Remmie back at work after time off for her litter.  

6-14-15 Remmie showed us once again what she is made of.
She was entered in the SDA Championship in Pennsylvania to do the Protection Dog 1.
One week before the trial Goodie's dog Reika came up lame, and Goodie was not going to make the trip we had all planed for almost a year.
I asked her if she would trial Remmie for me so we could all have a dog to work. To my surprise Goodie said yes!
So with only the 5 day road trip to bond Goodie and Remmie stepped on the trial filed. On Saturday they tried the Police Dog 1 but fell short of the need score to pass.
But then on Sunday they stepped it up for the Championship and earned their Protection Dog 1 with HONORS (P1H).
To receive an honor title the dog must earn 90 or above (Remmie's score was 92) in the protection phase on an honor decoy they have not worked before.
They placed third for the P1's. We are so very proud of Goodie taking on a dog she had never worked, and Remmie putting forth all she has to make this all come out good.
Remmie back at work with her litter just 8 weeks old. Goodie wanted to finish what she started in June the PD1.
Congradulation to you and Remmie for a job well done. It is very hard to trial a dog you are not living with.
4-29-16 Remmie is getting ready to have her next litter. But she is always willing to take on a new handler and teach them what she can.
Cindy Loftus is waiting on a puppy form Remmie's coming litter.
So they stepped on the trial field for Cindy's first time and took first place earning thier Protection Alert(PA) title.
Not every dog will respond to commands from someone with just a couple of time on the end of a leash. Remmie is a very special girl.

11-18-16 Susan and Remmie earned their OB2 with first place and excellent score of 91.4 ;-)
3-25-17 Susan and Remmie working on their APr1 ;-)

4-2-17 Susan and Remmie earned their P2S with first place.

9-24-17 Susan and Remmie traveled to Oregon and add a P2 title to their list of accomplishments, nice job!

10-21-17 Susan and Remmie have now earned their Police Dog 2 (PD2) with first place very nice obedience of 90 points.
A small set back in the protection when the decoy steeped on Remmie's foot making her mad so the next out took two commands ;-)
This hurt her score a bit but showed her commitment to holding on to someone that may try to hurt you.

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