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This litter has been placed
Korklasse 1
IPO3 multiple times with very good scores
tracking 98, obedience 90, protection 94.
hips a normal, elbows normal
Black Sable
SZ-Nr. 2201554
tattoo-Nr. S-D 6028
AKC # DN30099301
Date of birth 4/10/2007
height 26 inches, weight 95 pounds
Esko is eye-catching to say the very least. Stunning black sable color with a magnificent broad and substantial head with loads of character and wonderful expression. Strong bones with fluid movement. Good overall impression of firmness and strength. Absolutely rock solid temperament with great capacity to handle stress. Can go anywhere, anytime, day or night, totally self-confident and ready for anything. Shows an excellent relationship with his handler in obedience with quick and reliable reactions to the commands. Strong drive in protection demonstrating full, hard grips and intensive guarding in the bark and hold exercise. Launches and hits with full commitment on the long distance courage test. Calm and secure inside the home. We are very fortunate to be able to add him to our kennel.  
For more pictures of Esko click here
Terra vom True Haus
AKC# DN20215207
Date of birth: 1/3/2008
height 24 inches
weight 70 pounds
Terra is one of our puppies out of Tommy and Exe.
Large and especially strong with good structure. Wonderful sable color with distinctive black markings. Terra has a broad head, with great expression and well carried ears. Friendly and outgoing disposition with good nerve base. Shows great guideability in obedience and is highly attentive to the handler at all times. Active in protection showing powerful barking, high speed to the sleeve along with full and hard grips. Coming from our breeding program Terra is a good example of what we strive to acheive in all of our breedings.
To see more pictures of Terra growing up
and videos of her working
week two

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week seven

Hello Jim & Cindy!
Just wanted to update you on Roman (Esko x Terra pup born 4-26-11). He is doing fantastic! He's incredibly intelligent, confident, alert, and gorgeous! I feel safe with him around even though he's o nly a pup. His obedience training is coming along nicely, he's a joy to work with. House training/crate training was easy with him. He comes with me to work at the kennel on most days and he loves it. Has never been scared of all the barking and chaos. He's everything I've ever hoped for in a shepherd and more. Thank you for a truly outstanding dog.
Raeleen Gile
 Hi James and Cindy,
I just wanted to give you guys an update on one of the sable girls from the Terra and Esko litter. Kesha is an amazing and gorgeous girl! Everyone OOs and AHHs at her everywhere we go. She loves her B-A-L-L, tug-o-war, car rides, swimming, and going to the ranch to "help" me with the horses; always very mindful of the horses and myself. She is so intelligent, house braking and crate training was a breeze, and making obedience work very fun and easy! And very protective for such young pup; going to be a great guard and personal protection dog as she isn't afraid of anything! She is turning out to be the perfect german shepherd! I hope that her siblings are turning out to be just as nice and gorgeous?!  
I cant thank you enough!
Here are some recent pics for you.
Best Regards to and your dogs,
Ashley Slaviero
Here are some updated pics of Kesha, who is the star of our new rally obedience class [no surprise there!]. She is doing great; very protective but extremely reliable in obedience at the same time. Amazes and challenges me positively everyday! We even joined the True Haus puppy owner's group on facebook..... And one of these sundays we are trying to come for a class and visit!!
News update; Kesha will be joining me on the island of St. Kitts for veterinary school this next august.... she's not only my active companion/guardian but will also help to play a vital role in assisting me in my future career as a veterinarian. I couldn't have asked for a better companion and partner! Thanks again and we hope to see you soon!  
 Hi Jim and Cindy,
Just thought Id give a quick update on Kesha (Esko and Terra). Cant believe she is already 3 years old and is one of the best dogs Ive ever had the pleasure of working and living with.
She encompasses the versatility of the working german shepherd perfectly.
She can transition from being my best friend and emotional support assistance dog to my protector with ease.
Recently she even stopped someone from breaking into my apartment!
And at 75lbs of lean muscle on a 25" height at her shoulder, she is a force to be reckoned with!
hahaha I feel completely safe with her and very confident in her temperament as she is very reliable in her commands.
Not to mention she is a great sport with my peers and I in allowing us to practice physical exams, bandaging and imaging positioning with her to get the most out of our veterinary education. :)
  Hi guys!
My name is Nate Ferrini. I got a pup off you guys almost 4 years ago from eskos and Terra's first litter.
First off I just want to thank you guys for setting me up with the best dog I've ever had!!
She is truly incredible.
Every where I go she comes with me and I'm constantly stopped by people who are blown away how beautiful she is and how well she minds and how loyal she is.
I'm a almond farmer down here in Williams ca. So Ruka gets free roam on 2000 acres.
I also hunt regularly and she has retrieved Ducks, dove, pheasant, chuckars in Nevada. She has killed pigs along side me and found multiple deer.
But then she can turn all that right off and let my niece and nephew crawl all over her and ride her. Also in the 4 years so far she has been in perfect health.
You guys do such a amazing job at what you do! Thanks so much for providing me with my best friend. Also I remember that Jim like to hunt.
We have incredible dove hunting down here so I'm putting out a open invitation to come out this season in September.
Hope all is well!
Nate Ferrini
Here is a pic for your gallery of my male I got from your 2011 Esko/Terra litter taken a few weeks ago in the Ruby Mountains, Nevada


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