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since 1968

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Title Translations German Dogs
BH - Traffic Steady Companion Dog Title - Must be at least 15 Months
AD - Endurance Title - Must be at least 16 Months
WH - Watchdog Title - Must be 15 Months
SchH1 - The preliminary Schutzhund qualification in tracking, obedience and protection - Must be at least 18 months
SchH2 - More challenging Schutzhund work in tracking, obedience and protection - Must be at least 19 Months
SchH3 - The master and competition level of the three phases of Schutzhund. - Must be 20 months
FH1 - Advanced Tracking - Must be 18 months FH2 - The most advanced tracking title - Must be 20 Months

International Trial Rules
IPO1-International trial rules similar to Schutzhund test, but with some variations
IPO2 - Very similar to Schutzhund II (SchH2) more challenging with tracking, obedience and protection.
IPO3 - The full competition level of International Trial Rules
DH - Service Dog
DPH - Service Police Dog
HGH - Herding Dog
LwH - Avalanche Dog
PFP1 & PFP2 Police Tracking Dog
PH - Police Dog
ZH1, 2 & 3 - Customs Dog

Scores Insufficient M (Mangelhaft) 0-219
Satisfactory B (Befriedigend) 220-239
Good G (Gut) 240-269
Very Good SG (Sehr gut) 270-285
Excellent V (Vorzuglich) 286-300

KKL1 - Korklasse 1 (especially recommended for breeding by the SV
KKL2 - Korklasse 2 (suitable for breeding by the SV
Korkung (Breed Survey)
Lbz - Lebenszeit (Breed Surveyed for life)
M - Mangelhaft (faulty show or performance rating)
Sieger - Grand Victor at the National Sieger show (VA-1)
Siegerin - Grand Victrix at the National Sieger show (VA-1)
SG - Sehr Gut (very good show or performance rating)
U - Ungenugend (insufficient show or performance rating)
VA - Vorzuglich - Auslese (Excellent Select show rating given only at Sieger Show
VH - Vorhanden (sufficient show or performance rating)

Important Health terms:
SV "a-stamp" (indicates a passing hip score)
"a-normal" SV Certified normal hips
"Fast Normal" SV certified near normal hips
"Noch zugelassen - SV certified hips still permissible for breeding
OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
OFA - Excellent - no dysplasia, superior hip socket conformation
OFA - Good No dysplasia, a well formed, congruent hip joint
OFA - Fair no- dysplasia, a will formed, congruent hip joint
OFA - Borderline - No consensus between radiologists to place hip into either a normal or dysplastic category
OFA - Mild Grade 1 mild hip dysplasia present
OFA - Moderate Grade 2 moderate hip dysplasia present
OFA - Severe (Grade 3) severe hip dysplasia present

Czech Dogs
ZM - Basic title similar to BH but with bite work
ZPO - Protection Title
SPO - Slovak Protection Title
ZVV1/SVV1 - The preliminary Czech title, extensive tracking, on and off leash obedience and protection. Similar to Schutzhund 1 but very difficult.
ZVV2/SVV2 - Much more challenging Second Czech title includes more extensive tracking, more intense obedience and difficult protection. Similar to Schutzhund 2 however very difficult and geared towards real everyday situations.
ZVV3/SVV3 - The master level of Czech Title System Only 3 - 10 dogs receive this prestigious title per year. This title includes very long detailed tracking, full obedience and very extensive protection. Similar to Schutzhund 3 however very demanding and much more realistic.
ZMP Similar to ZVV, also includes Article Search (ZMMP=1st level, ZMP2=Highest Level)
SP - Tracking title
ZPS - Special tracking title
ZP - Participant in Search and Rescue
UPM - Completion of Search and Rescue
ZZP - Search and Rescue Dog
ZLP - Avalanche Dog
SP-VB - Police examination title
SP-PS - Border Patrol Dog title
SPZ - Rescue Dog
SPZ2 - Highest Level Rescue Dog
SLP - Snow Rescue Dog

Ratings given
Vyborny - "V" Excellent
Velmi Dobry - Very Good
Dobry - Good
Dobra - Good
Trida - Class selected to the 1st class or 2nd class
Chov - Champion
Dozivotne - Selected to a breed class for life
Bonitacni Karta - Breed Survey Series of letters and numbers to describe a dog
Full Bonitacion - A complete breed survey

International Working Titles Mistr. CR - Czech Working Champion
Mistr. SR - Slovak Working Champion
UM - Czech National Participant
UM CR - Czech National Champion
UM SR - Slovak National Participant
UMS FCI - National Participant for the World FCI team
UMS WUSV - National Participant for the World WUSV team
KRAJ. VIT. - Regional Show Champion
VIT. TR. - Czech Class Champion (Show)

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