German Shepherd Dog




since 1968

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This litter has been placed
Korklasse 1
OPO3 several times with excelent scores 100,96,94
(OPO is same as IPO)
see score book below
Competitor in the WUSV 2005
hips a fast normal, elbows 0/0,
Black Sable
SZ-Nr. 2096643
tattoo-Nr. S-B 6154
AKC # DN12581701
Date of birth 10-28-2001
SUCHNO 52772
AKC# DN20457601
Tattoo-Nr. 52772
hips a fast normal, elbows normal
Date of birth 4-1-2006
height 22 inches
weight 60 pounds
SVV1 : A-93, B-88, C-94
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Gridley, Ca.
Hi Cindy and Jim,
Just wanted to send a couple of pictures of Czech....he is doing well and growing fast. I don't know where the little puppy went that I brought home just a couple of months ago!!!! I enjoy having him. He rides around on the 4-wheeler to feed. I have been doing some basic leash work with him and he is coming along fine!! Enjoys people and riding in the truck!! I will bring him up to see you when I get a free weekend......
Thanks for a great pup!!
Susan Young
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Dear Jim and Cindy,
Just wanted to give you guys a big "Thank You!" for selecting the perfect dog for us. Here are some pictures over the last four months of our boy Furio (from Tom x Biene litter). Furio is about 5 months old and is growing so fast. He is currently a very healthy 56 pounds. By 12 weeks old he already knew "sit" and "down" and most importantly "no" and "come" commands. By just 3.5 months he had learned how to heel perfectly on the lead, knew "stay", "down", and "go". The sheer speed in which he learns and his level of retention completley blows my mind. While doing some socialization and enviroment familiarization at a local playground last month, Furio made me witness to another first....a dog that likes to slide down playground slides. He is truly fearless, which is what we love about him. His play/praise, prey, and food drive are all high and make it easy to vary up training. His coat, ear set, broad head, and unforgettable expression (like his Sire Tom) really turn heads. I truly couldn't have asked for a better dog. Thanks so much for everything and especially matching the right owner to the right puppy. Furio will be training with our regional Schutzhund Club starting this month. I will keep you posted to his progress.
Attached is a picture of Furio in the yard is Furio at 4.5 months looking very alert. I don't think any of the picture do his looks justice, but honeslty he is moving so much that you just can't get a descent picture of him. Thanks again for everything. And the phrase "Good things come to those that wait" has never proven to be more true. I'll be sending anyone looking for the finest working line GSDs your way.
Sean and Jackie Knowles
Jim and Cindy,
Just thought I'd give you a quick update on Trooper. He is 9 Months now, and about 75lbs. I think he is done growing length wise and he is getting taller and starting to fill out a little. We have been training for about three months steady now in our Schutzhund club. He is showing incredible potential in the protection work. Obedience is going well too. His heeling is very good, recall as well. Still working the corners, but I think this is mostly my fault. All in all he is doing great in obedience for what one can expect as his age.. .in fact he surpasses what most of the other dogs in the club were doing at his age. We have laid a good foundation for tracking. He is showing a very deep nose and is learning "the game". We have been working in Tucson with some Mals and other working dogs and learning alot. All of his drives are through the roof so training is still easy and fun for him. He likes to play alot more than eating though, he'll pass up food for the Kong anyday of the week. Healthwise, everything is perfect. Attached are some pictures. Hope all is well with you guys! ,br> Most of the pics are from the Schuzthund club
And after working hard, you'll see that he is quite spoiled....this is only because he knows when to turn off pet and turn on work dog.

4-15-09 update   
Hey guys,
Last month we were hiking in a canyon out here. About 3 miles in to the hike Trooper stopped dead in his tracks and was looking up to the high ground on my left side. At first I didn't know what caught his attention. His hair raised up on his back and he starting growling real low. I kept walking forward not thinking much of it but once I got close to him he kept putting himself in the way. I looked up to what he was focused on and spotted a Mountain Lion about 150 meters away on the high ground watching us. We slowly started walking back away from the big cat and he kept an eye on it the whole time, constantly keeping himself in between me and the Mountain Lion. I honestly think the cat might have been following us and thank God Trooper had been so vigilant and fearless. I'm also very happy that even being in a defensive drive Trooper listened to my every command. All this at 10 months old. Amazing!
We go for our BH in December as he will be the required age. He is about ready for it and we look forward to being the best there. We will keep you posted.
Hope all is well in California.
Sean Knowles
Pardise, Ca.

Sam vom True Haus
AKC# DN22055703
Date of birth: 6-2-2008
Self-confident, sure, very attentive. Social and alert with respect for the handler with a high level of trainability.
To watch short videos of Sam taken 1-4-09  
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Pictures on 1-11-09 first time on a puppy sleve.

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