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From: Doug
To: Jim & Cindy
Date: 12-11-99
Pirol & Assi pup
Wooster, Ohio

To whom this may concern:
This is just a letter to inform anyone who is interested in purchasing a top quailty working German Shepard Dog to look no further than True Haus Kennels. I have been involved with working dogs (Police and Personal Protection) for about three years now and have very seldom even seen GSD come close to the quality of a True Haus dog. James and Cindy take great care and pride in each pup that is produced, ensuring the customer gets the best dog suited for their particular needs. The drives in these dogs, coupled with the to-die-for bloodlines, make them well worth the money spent. The best part is that if you ever have a question, James and Cindy will be more than happy to answer them and help in any way necessary. I am definately hooked on True Haus kennels and will continue to be a very loyal customer for as long as I own the breed. If I can be of assistance in telling you how wonderful these two people are and how much they care, I can be reached at
Douglas M. Flinner

From: Donna
To: Jim & Cindy
Date: 1-5-00
Pirol & Assi pup

Dear Cindy and James,
Just a note to thank you for Lexie, the budding wonder dog, as well as your incredible support.
I'd always wanted a German Shepherd, but many people cautioned me against the breed. They said the Shepherd had been badly bred for too long, resulting in unsound bodies and unreliable temperaments. They said the chances of finding the right breeder and the right dog were slim indeed. I'd just about given up on the idea when I came across your web site.
When I saw that you concentrated on WORKING dogs, I knew I was on the right track. I'm a long-distance runner, and I wanted a dog willing and able to accompany me on trail runs. But when I read your Customer Comments page, I knew I'd found the breeders I wanted to work with. Now I'm happy to be adding my comments to that page.
Before I ever visited your beautiful home and kennels, you spent a lot of time answering my questions by phone and email. You clearly made an effort to learn what I was looking for in a dog, and then to match me up with an appropriate puppy. What really impressed me was that you asked several questions to determine whether I could care for such a dog, especially given that I live in a San Francisco apartment. That told me the dogs mean more to you than just income. You are as committed to finding good homes for your puppies as I was to finding a good dog.
Right from the start you encouraged me to consider Lexie, who was then four months old. I was initially a bit hesitant; I thought I wanted a fur-ball puppy. But I have since come to see the wisdom of your suggestion. At four months, Lexie could at least be reasoned with, at least some of the time. This was critical in an apartment situation.
I can't say enough about how well Lexie has handled the very difficult transition from country to city living. Every day she makes visible progress. She gets along very well with people and other dogs, and she's quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite. I'm sometimes stopped on the street by people who comment on Lexie's physical beauty -- she IS gorgeous.
But more important to me, she's VERY smart and responsive. As I mentioned, she learned the "Down" command in just a few casual sessions over a four-day period. Actually, I can't wait for you to see Lexie's comical version of "Down." She flops down on the floor, then begins wriggling and flailing around with delight because she knows a treat is forthcoming. Sometimes, when she wants a treat, she flops down on the floor without being commanded, then looks up expectantly. Of course, I give in. And that's something else about Lexie -- she's a gifted comedienne. We've been together a little less than a month now, but already I can't imagine life without her.
And finally, let me say a few words about the extraordinary support you've provided me. Though I grew up with dogs, Lexie is the first dog I've ever owned. I quickly learned that there's more to raising a dog that I'd imagined. On several occasions I've emailed you with questions or concerns, and you've been incredibly patient and generous and responsive. A couple of times, when my questions were complex, you phoned. I can't overstate how valuable your guidance has been, or how much I appreciate it. I would not consider getting a dog from anyone else, and I recommend you folks every opportunity I get. Thank you again.
With sincere affection and gratitude,
--Donna Reynolds
7-28-01 Lexie has earned her SchH B
For an update on Lexie   CLICK HERE

From: Cathy
To: Jim & Cindy
Date: 1-8-00
Pirol & Assi pup
New York

We would like to take this time to thank Jim and Cindy Reed for such a wonderful dog. Dante is everything we wanted and more. I have had nightmares in the past with breeders. My last German Shepherd was from "show dog" lines and was continually sick from the day we purchased him. It was very difficult to watch that dog go through one medical disaster after another. Even though that breeder lived in the next town, she was no help. The Reeds live clear across the country and have been very helpful since day one with Dante. If our questions are too complicated for email, then Jim and Cindy are willing to talk to us on the phone. Dante has adjusted to New York life very well. He loves the cold weather (although he doesn't like standing on the cold kitchen floor in the morning!) He is unquestionably the most intelligent dog we have ever owned. As early as four months old he was already barking ferociously at the door, one of the things we wanted in a dog. My kids love him to death and none of us can imagine living without him now. I had my reservations about shopping for a dog on the internet, but after talking to the Reeds on the phone I decided to take the chance. Now, I am so grateful that they were out there on the web. If anyone is looking for a top quality working dog or a great family pet, look no further than True Haus Kennels.
For lots more pictures of Dante visit my web page at:
Miller's Home Page
  For an update on Dante   CLICK HERE
6-05-02 up date
Hi Cindy,
I wanted to write you a quick note about Dante. He had training with Jeff today. And Jeff just went on and on about how Dante is a one in a million dog. How he knows a thousand guys that would kill to have a dog like Dante. And of course, this isn't just some guy...Jeff was a canine cop. He's had lots of dogs and trained lots more. He's seen the worst and the best and he is so impressed with my Dante.
From: Mary
To: Jim & Cindy
Date: 10-25-99
Pirol & Assi pup
Paradise, Ca

I am Mary and this is my puppy Jordan. I contacted Cindy and Jim Reed a year ago looking for a German Shepherd puppy in which I could raise into an obedience competition dog. Cindy invited me and my family to visit True Haus and see the stock. I was impressed with the quality of shepherds they have as well as being treated like family by Cindy and Jim. I had to wait for their bitch Assi to be bred in the spring before my puppy would be born. While I waited, I was welcomed to join in on their Sunday classes. I have learned much by working with their dogs and from their advice. Now Jordan and I attend classes together every Sunday. Jim and Cindy Reed are there for you during the selection of the right puppy, raising your puppy, and training your puppy through adulthood and beyond. I spent many hours emailing, calling, and visiting breeders throughout the US, and I am very happy to have a True Haus puppy."
I can be reached at   Mary
Jordan now has his SchH B
For an update on Jordan   CLICK HERE
Jordan has now earned his CD! good job 3-21-02 
Jordan now has his SchH OB1! good job 11-2002 

Zasko & Assi pup

Deputy John Muldown:
John has been a Peacce Officer for over 26 years and has been a Deputy with the Butte County Sheriff's Office for over 23 years. John is currently working with his new K-nine Ryker. Ryker is certified in Master Protection, Building and Area Search (for bad people) and Article/Evidence Search. Ryker started working with John at the age of two years in December of 1999.
Ryker, Jake and hopkins are full brothers.

From: Cindi D Dunsmoor
To: Jim & Cindy Reed
Subject: Happy Labor Day
Date: September 07, 1998
Zasko & Assi pup
Oroville, Ca

As first time German Shepherd Dog owners we couldn't be happier with the dog we bought. The Reeds not only sold us a dog that is a pleasure to live with but also offer an excellent training program and take the time to answer all our questions and concerns.
See you Sunday.
Feel free to include our email
e-mail address: Cindi & Jake


For an update on Cindi and Jake   CLICK HERE
(12-5-99) Jake now has his SchH B title
(5-5-00) Jake now has his SchH1 title
(6-18-00) Jake now has his CDX title  

From: Dr. Fred Poordad
To: Jim Reed
Subject: Hopkins
Date: May 12, 1999
Zasko & Assi pup

Dear Cindy and Jim,
I would like to also take this opportunity to thank both of you for breeding such fine animals. As you know, I spent several months carefully researching German Shephard breeders in California before purchasing a dog. I did not want to take such a task lightly. When choosing a companion and friend that will be with you in your home for years to come, it's important to choose carefully. I have been overjoyed with my now 18 month old male, Hopkins. He is much, much more than I expected. He is extremely intelligent and his temperment is perfect...he is friendly with everyone outside the property, gentle with children and small dogs, and extremely bonded to me and my family. At the same time, he is very protective of the house, and alerts me when anyone is near the property. He has a great personality and makes me laugh several times a day, and that alone is worth more than money. I can tell you that I am the envy of many dog owners in San Francisco. People are amazed at how obedient he is off the leash. I have you to thank for that as well. Leaving him with you for that one month of training at 8 months was all it took. He is a very quick learner. I wish that everyone at some point in there life could have a dog companion like this one. I feel that I not only got an incredible dog out of this deal, but two good friends as well. Your honesty and integrity, and your dedication to maintaining the excellence of the German Shephard breed is admirable. Very few people back their "products" like you do. All the best to you both.
Fred Poordad

From: Kim
To: "James and Cindy Reed"
Subject: police dog in training....
Date: August 07, 1998
Alk & Assi pup
 Jim and Cindy,

The puppy is doing great. She had her first ride in a police car already, I went for a ride along with Peggy (the girl that drove me to pick her up from you) We took her with us. It was fun.. She was so good. She has never been car sick and is so smart and agile already. She does things I don't think a pup her age should be able to do..Most I don't want her to but she has a mind of her own.. I am really enjoying her.. Talk to you soon.
KIM and Jacey.
for an update on Jacey  CLICK HERE

From: Shannon
To: "James and Cindy Reed"
Subject: The greatest puppy....
Date: November 11, 1998
Alk & Assi pup
Rocky Mount, NC

Hi Jim,
At six months, Kasyk demonstrates a high prey drive and willingness to work. His alertness, intelligence, confidence and great personality make him a wonderful working dog and family pet. Before Kasyk was even born Jim and Cindy spent time teaching me how to raise my new pup. They answered (and are still answering) all my Questions. For the first couple of months Jim would call once a week to see how we were doing. About a week after I got him home he woke up in the middle of the night coughing and I had to take him to the emergency vet clinic. The next day I called Jim to tell him, he said that all of his dogs had also come down with kennel cough and that my dog had it before I got him. In less than a week I received a check from Jim and Cindy covering all the emergency vet bills. They care about thier dogs before they arrive, while they are there and after they leave. Cindy allways wants to now how HER baby is doing.
Thanks for your help in picking my pup.
Shannon e-mail address: Shannon Knox

Date: 2-1-99
Alk & Assi pup
 Hi Jim and Cindy,

A tremendous thank you again for all the help you gave me, (and continue to!) from my intial search for a suitable puppy through to helping me with ONNA. You can consider it an outstanding recommendation, that despite my living in Vermont and being so wary about buying a puppy I'd never met, especially as the pup's temperament & personality are of key importance to me, I still took the chance. Seven monts ago I was very imperessed with your knowledge and understanding of dogs and your confirence in your own bloodines. The past three months have reminded me how enjoyable it is doing business with honest, straightforward people.

Onna is a great pup, she's smart, has tons of energy, loves to play, has strong prey drive, protective of me & our home, and probably most of all to me, we 'click'. Onna is everything I could have hoped for and more...she's certainly got her little pwas (they'er getting big fast) wrapped aruond my heart. She's adapeted well to the cold temperatures... loves chasing thoes snowballs even in sub-zero temperatures... and helping shovel snow is an opportunity never to be missed!! I'm really enjoying watching & guiding her as she grows-up, and appreciate the reassurance that whenever we run into stumbling blocks, you are just a phone call (or E-mail) away to help us through. Reflecting on how positive this whole puppy experience has been for me, it's obvious that you folks are very good at matching puppy to owner, and your caring & commitment goes way beyond the sale date.
Thanks again for everying,
Sarah & Onna,
for an update on Sarah and Onna  CLICK HERE

From: Mary and Michel
To: James & Cindy Reed
Sent: January 28, 1999
Alk & Assi pup
 We were at Stanford Mall just before Christmas last year (1998) when we spotted a gorgeous German Shepherd sitting calmly with his owner. We asked the man about his dog and he said that he got him from True Haus Kennels. We had been researching dogs for several years and had narrowed our choice down to a German Shepherd. After looking at kennels in the San Francisco Bay Area and not finding a kennel we liked, we put in an application for a puppy from New Skete Kennels in New York. The wait for a dog from New Skete is around two years, so while the application was in there, we continued our search to find a kennel that was closer to us. When we got home from Stanford Mall, we looked up True Haus on the Internet, and found them! We were heading up to Reno for a few days before Christmas, so we thought we might take a look at True Haus Kennels just to see if we liked the way the dogs were treated. We had no intention of buying a dog, since we knew there were no puppies available and Brice was priced higher than we thought we wanted to pay. We were impressed immediately with kennels. They are clean and spacious. The grounds are also clean and very friendly looking. We noticed that the dogs in the kennels are bright eyed and alert. They are not nuisance barkers, but were certainly paying attention to these intruders on their turf! Cindy was exceptionally friendly and helpful, taking nearly two hours out of her day to show us the dogs. Brice ended up being the main event that day. He seemed to bond with us the moment we saw him. Our little five year old fell in love with him. She was a bit intimidated by his size, but she never wavered from her determination to be near him. We had a marvelous time with Cindy and Brice. After we left and went on to Reno, Michelle started dreaming about Brice every night! Mike and I were also quite taken with Brice. We had no intention of buying Brice, but after a week of thinking about him, we thought that maybe he was the right dog for us. Working out a strategy to pay for our new boy was quite a process! All three of us discussed what we could sacrifice this coming year to pay the $2500 for Brice. Michelle gave up a planned family long weekend at the Disneyland Hotel, Mike gave up computer "toys" he had hoped to buy, and I gave up two graduate classes. For each of us, the sacrifices have bonded us closer to Brice. Mike drove out to True Haus Kennels on New Year's Eve. Jim had made a tape of Brice being obedience trained as a guide for us. The tape is quite useful, and more fun since Brice is the star! Jim and Cindy made our adoption painless. Brice has acclimated wonderfully and is a joy to have around. Even our cats are learning to like him, especially since he is such a gentleman around them! He is extremely smart and sweet. We recommend True Haus Kennels without reservation. We would buy another dog from Jim and Cindy and we are happy to answer any questions a potential owner might have.
e-mail address: Mike & Mary
For an update on Brice   CLICK HERE

From: HKorbonski
To: "James and Cindy"
Subject: Shayna....
Date: November 22, 1998
Alk & Assi pup
Las Angles, Ca.

Hi, Jim and Cindy!
Thank you so much for the Christmas collar! It is so sweet and Shayna is already sporting it for the season. I also appreciated the article about Alk. I was very lucky to have met you both out in that great big world of unscrupulous or, at least, ignorant dog-related people. I can't ever imagine doing business with anyone else after having connected with you. Thank you so much! She's everything I've hoped for. I'll give you an example: yesterday, my son and I were hanging around in a pasture where my friend was fixing the fence. The horses were locking up in pipe corrals at one end of the pasture, so there was no real hazard. At one point, however, my son took off running toward the corrals. Shayna appeared from the brush where she'd been poking around and flew towards him, cutting him off from the horses, licking his face and generally getting in the way. This happened repeatedly, so I know for sure she was protecting him. This is one of the principle reasons I got her--bless her heart for living up to my hopes. Funnily enough, even though she can get a little rowdy in her affection, my son adores her, far more than he does my own personal Border Collie, who is a bit aloof and clearly has no time for toddlers. Every morning as we climb the stairs, he starts calling "Nayna, Nayna!" and dashed for her crate. So I'm pleased and appreciative. Hope this little update communicates how well she has fit in to our lives. Thanks Bye! Holly  

From: Maria Smith
To: Jim and Cindy
Zakso & Senta pup
Dear Jimmy and Cindy:
I am so grateful for all the training and help you put into helping me with T~Guard. Now that I have earned my CD Title, I feel all of the hours have paid off. We are so happy and proud to tell our friends about True Haus Kennels. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase and train my German Shepherd dog in your facility. We look forward to coming to class. Knowing I have a protection dog, that will play with the kids and keep them safe is truly something special.
Thank you!!!! ~ Maria Smith

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