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Brook Meastus
SchH BH, FO, PD1, P1(H), P2S, PD2, P2(H), PD3, PD3(H), BN, CD, CGC
Brook was such a cute puppy


Brook earned her Family Obedience (FO) with a very nice score of 93.5.
She took first place over 8 other dogs. We are very happy with how well she worked.
Then two weeks later she earned her schutzhund BH title.  

Brook earned her Poice Dog 1 Title (PD1) with an excelent protectionscore of 91.
She took second place oout of 4 dogs. She is working very hard and happy all of the time..


PetU SDA Trial in Milwaukee, WI.
Brooked earned her Protection 1 (P1) with honors P1(H).Taking first place out of 7 dogs.
Honors means she earned over 90 points in her protection routine on a decoy that she has not worked on.
Her protection score was 92.5 and her obedience was 96 points. Very nice job after a 5 day car ride ;-)

Brook earned her Police Dog 2 (PD2) with first place. She did her call off with such speed and accuracy both judges were very impressed.
She puts her all into every thing I ask of her.
To see a video of Brook doing the protection portion of the PD2 title go here video
Brook earned her Protection 2 Honors(P2H) with first place.
With her puppies just barley old enough for her to leave them we took a long road trip to Pennsylvania for the SDA Championship trial.
She went from being mom to putting her all in to the trial field. She is always up to try what ever I ask of her.

Book worked very hard at her Police dog 3 title. She did great on her obedience portion earning 93.5.
She was off to a great start on her protection portion finishing the field work only down 11.5 points.
Her muzzle work was excellent only losing .5 out of the 20 points possible.
She did not pass the building search so no PD3 for her at this trial.
We could not be more proud of how she handled all of the rest of the exercises.  
To watch a short video of Brook's PD3 Police dog obedience 93.5 points  click here  
To watch a short video of Brook's PD3 Police dog protection  click here

11-19-16 Brook and I were back on the field to try the Police Dog 3 title for a second time. Even though I felt very confident a few days before the trial, day of I was not so sure.
The sky was dark the rain poring and everyone watching or on the field were dressed in rain gear with hoods. They all looked like bad guys!
For Brook this was not a problem. She knew her job and did it very well. She passed her PD3 with honors.
She is the first dog to pass this title with honors and one of the first two GSD to have earned it. She had a excellent score in her obedience portion of 91.1 and protection of 90.5.
She is always so easy to work and she just loves to please me.

5-6-17 Brook is now the very first dog to earn a Police Dog 3 (PD3) title at an SDA Championship trial.
She did her job very well and took firts place on two honor decoys she has not seen ;-)

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