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since 1968

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All of our puppies are sold with full AKC registration. This means yes you can breed your puppy but, we do not guarantee breeding stock when buying a puppy. We feel if you are planing on breeding you are better off to buy and adult that you can already know the hip rating and any other health requirements. Raising a puppy even from very good bloodlines is always a gamble.
Puppy deposit:
We require a $300.00 non-refundable deposit to be on our waiting list.
Balance due at 5 weeks of age, in order make arrangements for shipping.
To be on our active waiting list we need your full name, address and phone number. We like to have an email address also if you have one. We need to know if you are looking for a male or female puppy. Also what you plain to do with your puppy. We keep everyone in line on our list by date of deposit reaching us, and sex of puppy. As each litter is born we go down our list and let everyone waiting know what was born, sex and color. If at that time we do not have a puppy to fit your requirements your deposit will to move to a future litter.
Pick puppy puts you at the top of the list. You are welcome to come to our kennel and pick your own puppy. Or you can have Jim pick the best puppy out of the litter for your needs. Pick puppy needs to be selected by 7 weeks of age.
We ask that you be ready for a puppy when placing your deposit. These are live animals and we try to never to breed unless we have the litter almost fully placed. We do not want to have a bunch of puppies here that do not have homes. We do not have any control over what gets born in regards to how many, what sex or what color in each litter. So from the date of your deposit to receiving a puppy can be a very long wait depending on sex and color. We understand in what could be a long waiting time things can change on your end as well. We ask that you inform us if you will not be ready for your puppy when born, so we can remove you from our active wait list. If you are on our active waiting list and a litter is born with a puppy that fits your description as far as sex and color and you need to pass on it for any reason, you will loss your deposit.
Where you are on our waiting list can change for several reasons. If someone buys pick puppy that always puts them at the top of any list. That option is open until the litter is born and we have contacted all of the people waiting. Some times people cannot take their puppy so then the next person will have the option of moving up to that litter, and so on. Some people are only color shopping so they may pass on taking a puppy from a litter and move to another litter.
Jim dose all of the placing of the pups unless you buy pick male or female. He will not make his selection until late in the seventh week as the puppies change a lot each day.
I try to send pictures each week of some of the pups. This is so you can see how the litter is growing. The pictures will just be of random pups and we ask that you do not try to pick a puppy by a cute picture. They all change a lot and you cannot tell what a puppy’s temperament is by a picture.
We watch the puppies everyday, and as soon as they are old enough we take them out to see new things.
We are watch for how the react to things that startle them how they play with each other. How they play with toys and with us.
We are also keeping in mind what each person has told us they are looking for:
activity level
do they have children
do they have other pets
will the dog live in a house or appartment
do they plain to train and in what
do they have trainers close to help
have they had other working dogs
the list goes on.............
Most of our litters are very close in temperament and it is sometimes hard to tell the pups apart except for color.
But we do see small things in them daily that tells us if they will be more compliant to their owner or do they need to be with someone that knows more. Some will have slightly more energy, some a touch more lazy. So we put all of that together and try to fit the right pup with each persons need or wants.
We handle the puppies everyday, and as soon as they are old enough we take them out to see new things. They walk with us around the property and up to the pond.
They learn to go up the stairs on our deck. They are exposed to the vacuum as their is a carpet in our kennel house.
They are exposed to the lawn mower when I mow around the kennel. We run a radio on some days so they can here different sounds.
We allow our students from Sunday class to handle and play with them so they can see different people. We call them to their food at each meal, so they will come when called.
They are bathed in the sink and towel dried so they are used to a lot of handling.
FOR MORE INFORMATION on True Haus Kennel or any of our dogs:

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