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7-24-2016 Terra has been in here retirement home for a year now.
Hi Jim and Cindy,
It's been a little over a year now since we welcomed Terra to our family.
I thought you might like to know she's fit in so well.
My oldest daughter from the pick-up trip is still in love with her and takes care of her.
Terra watches over all our kids so well.
She's learned not to play too rough and be watchful of her body (she's had a couple of excited moments, but corrects herself when she realizes it).
Here's a few pictures of her from a couple of days ago with my oldest daughter.
  Terra vom True Haus
SchH BH, CGC, CD, FO, P1, P1S, PD1
AKC# DN20215207
hips OFA good, elbows normal
Date of birth: 1/3/2008
height 24 inches
weight 70 pounds
Terra is one of our puppies out of Tommy and Exe.
You can find information on Terra's sire Tommy on our home page here
You can find information on Exe, Terra's dam on our pastdog page  here
Large and especially strong with good structure. Wonderful sable color with distinctive black markings. Terra has a broad head, with great expression and well carried ears. Friendly and outgoing disposition with good nerve base. Shows great guideability in obedience and is highly attentive to the handler at all times. Active in protection showing powerful barking, high speed to the sleeve along with full and hard grips. Coming from our breeding program Terra is a good example of what we strive to acheive in all of our breedings.

Tarra has been growing up 12-13-2008

To watch a short video of Tarra  
Click here 12-5-08
Click here for first bite 12-5-08
2-1-0-2010 Here are Terra's hips at age two OFA GOOD



Terra earned her FO and P1 on November 6, 2010. She was second place in the P1 class out of 8 dogs. She had the second higest protection score of the trial just under first place by 1/2 a point.
2-13-2011 Chris and Terra
10-16-2011 Chris and Terra getting ready for the Police dog one title
11-5-2011 Chris and Terra passed the protection portion of the Police dog one title (PD1)
with a very nice score of 84 points. We are very proud of how hard they have worked.

Jeremy did an awesome job trialing Terra for their P1S.
They had just two weeks to get ready as she had been off work just being a house pet with one of our other students after her last litter.
This shows just how well all of the training done in her younger years can be put back to use.
They had very little time to bond and practice, but preformed like they had been at it for a very long time.
We are very proud of them.

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