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Thatchers Trigger of True Haus
OFA Good
DM- carrier GS-DM2126/63M-NOPI-CAR
Red Sable
AKC# DN18749402
Born: June 30, 2007
height 26 inches
weight 94 pounds
Trigger was born here and has been raised and trained by his owner Clark Thatcher.
He is a powerful red sable exceptional in every way. The best of both worlds, he has the legendary look of the East German bloodlines along with the superior temperament and performance qualities of the West German working lines. Especially strong structure and awesome substance. Outstanding chest proportions, very good angulation and powerful movement. Massive bone strength with a magnificent head along with imposing expression. Flawless disposition with unparalled steady nature. Impossible to make unsure with a rock-solid steady nerve base. Pronounced play drive shown by high anticipation for the ball. Absolutely perfect with children and relaxed in the home environment. Transitions between active and passive behavior perfectly on command.
Ideal in every way.
Trigger is what we try to acheave with every one of our breedings.
You can find information on Trigger's sire Tommy on our home page here
You can find information on Exe, Trigger's dam on our pastdog page  here
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SchH BH, CGC, CD, GN, FO, OB1, OB2, P1, PD1, PD2, P2S, OB3
call name "CAT"
OFA Good, elbows normal,
DM- normal GS-DM1469/75F-PI
Black & Red
Tattoo-Nr. S65208
AKC # DN19422101
Date of birth 10/16/2005
height 24 inches
weight 70 pounds

Strong broad head with alert and outgoing expression. Absolutely rock solid temperament with nerves of steel. Can go anywhere, anytime, day or night and never be nervous, totally self-confident in all situations. Great drive and awesome power in all aspects of working. Very good protection work showing full and hard grips along with powerful intensity in the guarding phases.
7-19-2008 Cat earned her first leg for her CD title with a very nice 190 points out of 200.
8-31-2008 Cat earned her last two legs for her CD title with good scores of 187 1/2 and 185.  
7-9-13 week three

7-16-13 week Four

7-24-13 week Five

7-29-13 week Six

8-5-13 week Seven

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LA, Ca.

Hi Cindy & Jim,
I have attached couple of recent pictures and videos of Tez (out of Cat and Trigger's June 2013).
I have taken him out to the field after 1.5 week and he was all set to have fun.
We are proud to have Tez as part of our family.
I would like to thank Jim for choosing him for us - you knew what we wanted and he fits to everything we were looking for and more.
Tez is a made of steel, never gets tired and always ready to work. He has the nerve of Cat and the aggression of Tommy.
He is super smart, understands and executes every single command I give him without any hesitation and completes it perfectly.
Never seen a dog so willing to work, play all the time and never bends down his head even in stressful situation - he simply never gives up.
With couple of corrections he figures out the correct way of executing a command.
He is super friendly with my kids and wife and other family members -
at the same time he is the first one to go out to the gate when someone knocks the door or at the gate -
he waits for my command when he sees a stranger.
He would bark and take his aggressive position when I give him the "watch" command.
There's so much more to talk about him - bottom line Tez is a dog every family should have and a true symbol of a working line GSD.
I had GSDs in the past but none are as complete (smart, brave, full of drive, willing to work, nerve & temperament) as Tez.

Touch on wood never seen him get sick, he has the best immune system of all the dog I had so far.
Tez is healthy physically as well as temperamentally - we can take him to anywhere,
any time with any type of distractions. I have spent over $5k on health related treatments for the other showline GSD.
Thanks to you and Jim for responding to all the telephone calls and emails
to help me train Tez and all the advices provided for his upbringing.
You treat the dogs really good and all your dogs have good manners.
All your dogs have solid temperament and sound health and are perfect fit for a family environment
or any working dog sports due to your solid breeding programs you have. My family and I will never look for dogs from any other breeder other than you.
Thank you Jim for doing all the foundation work at your facility when I dropped him off.
I wish I lived near your facility so I can learn a lot about sport dog handling and be an efficient dog handler.
Thank you for everything you have done to help me to raise a great dog - Tez.
Regards & best wishes
Udayan Sarma
Senior Director and Solution Architect at Korn Ferry
Tel: 626-818-8393
Los Angeles, CA - 91042
Oroville, Ca.
Onyx vom True Haus


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